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Jim Cornett
Thursday, February 13, 2 – 3 p.m.
Chasing Elephants in the Namib
is the first naturalist to visit
all nine of the world’s great deserts.
Join in his adventures on three trips
to the Namib Desert of Southwest
Africa where he encounters cheetahs,
lions, and elephants. In addition to
being the oldest and driest desert
in the world, the Namib is famous
for its vast orange dunes that reach
greater heights than any other sand
mountains on our planet.
Mr. Cornett is a popular weekly
columnist for
The Desert Sun
author of many books detailing our
amazing desert flora and fauna. His
most recent book,
Coachella Valley:
Images of Nature
will be available for
purchase and signing.
Presented by the Rancho Mirage Public Library Foundation
Bert Upson
Thursday, March 13, 3 – 4 p.m.
On a Clear Day
It took ten years for
Bert Upson
come to grips with the terror of his
incredible escape from the 78
of the South Tower on 9/11 to be able
to write about it. His book describes
in intimate detail his shock and awe
in the midst of life-threatening events
under unbearable time compression
with only seconds to decide between
life and certain death.
Mr. Upson is a former advertising
executive on Madison Avenue with
the distinction of winning two Clios
and election to the Packaging Hall
of Fame. Upon his retirement, Mr.
Upson moved to Palm Desert, and he
and his wife enjoy traveling the world.
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