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: A Photography Exhibit by
L.A. Marler
These graphic photos of manual typewriters are
nostalgic to many people, especially those with a
connection to writing. Whether you are a professional
writer, closet poet, or simply have memories of those
times and that unique writing process, these vintage
machines are symbols of communication, letters,
books, stories, commerce, and life.
Graphic designer and photographer
L.A. Marler
is a
graduate of Southeast Missouri State University. She
has continued her art and design education at Santa
Monica City College.
This exhibit will be on display in the Annenberg Reading
Room from January 1 - January 31.
Desert-Inspired Images: Paintings &
Photographs by Bijan
“Waking up every morning and stepping into a painting”:
This is the phrase that inspires artist
who has
captured the grandeur of the mountains and the
vastness of the deserts in his paintings and photography.
With a background in graphic art, Bijan has studied
in London and at Portland State University. For more
information, please
This exhibit will be on display in the Annenberg Reading
Room from February 1 - February 28.
Read into the West
Journey into the Old West through a collection of
books, original photos, and documents highlighting
such famous western personalities such as Buffalo
Bill Cody, Geronimo, and General George Custer.
This exhibit is sure to take one back in time to the
days of western lore. Come enjoy this exhibit owned
by Rancho Mirage city employee, Britt Wilson, then
check out some of the books at the Library and
Read into the West.
This exhibit will be on display in the David Bryant Lobby
Showcase from March 1 - March 31.
Presented by the Rancho Mirage Public Library Foundation
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